Thursday, 4 February 2010

Improvised Neuropsychological Assessment

Neuropsychological batteries and tests are usually reliably normed, conceptually well validated and thorough. However, they often take a long time to administer and are sometimes not at hand when assessment opportunities present themselves. Moreover, they are often not practicable or a client develops an adversity to testing.

Informal 'on-the-spot' testing using a magazine on a topic they are interested may provide a 'make shift' or improvised assessment opportunity.

Using Something as accessible and simple as a magazine can provide many assessment opportunities:

Memory- LTM can be assessed by using magazine features to trigger autobiographical memories; new memories can be assessed by asking the client to remember an item in the magazine for testing later; WM can be testing by asking a client to repeat back a short story or sentence.

Neglect- Look for missed words/pictures when asked to read/describe magazine.

Apraxias- Point to items, turn pages, match items in magazine to surroundings.

Praxis- can the client name items/objects in magazine.

Comprehension- understand the gist of article

Attention- can concentrate on magazine without distraction/fatigue.

Speech- any read aloud from magazine.

Colour agnosia- are colours recognised/matched?

Prosopagnosia- Are famous faces easily recognised?

Dyslexia- read part? Understand it?

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