Monday, 24 January 2011

Private Neuropsychology Assessment in Devon, Somerset and Cornwall (South West)

Private Neuropsychology Assessment

Private neuropsychological assessment shares many similarities to the work done within the NHS. Private work is often conducted by an experienced psychologist to provide an expert assessment and report that outlines the nature and extent of any genuine cognitive impairment following a neurological event/insult. Often this is in cases of personal injury, but sometimes clinical negligence. Neurological events most relevant to legal work include various types of brain injury (severe/moderate/mild/open/closed/anoxic/diffuse/focal). In recent years post concussion syndrome has caused much debate within neuropsychology and related arenas, as to its validity and suitability for assessment and diagnosis. As the quality of assessments increases through time and experience, the professional concensus is one of better understanding and clearer identification of this syndrome.

More time is spent in private work assessing possible malingering, exaggeration or falsification of symptoms. Treatments are usually recommended following an assessment and report, but are usually carried out by another practioner. Individual psychologists or psychologist consortiums offer private services. Most of these psychologists will work within the NHS and conduct private work part-time or in their spare time. The South West, including Devon, Cornwall and Somerset is a huge geographical area with a restricted number of suitable psychologists available to conduct private neuropsychological assessments.

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