Tuesday, 23 May 2017

New website- new national medico legal service. www.medicolegal-psychology-neuropsychology.co.uk

www.medicolegal-psychology-neuropsychology.co.uk Medicolegal-Psychology-Neuropsychology is a new private national expert witness service. It focuses upon high standard neuropsychological and psychological assessments to assist the court process. Its founder Dr Moore is an HCPC registered Clinical Psychologist with a specialist post doctoral qualification in Clinical Neuropsychology. He has over fifteen years working in NHS Clinical Psychology. He continues his role as  consultant Neuropsychologist with a controlled multinational trial on treatments for cognitive impairment but retires in 2017 from the NHS to focus upon medicolegal work. His aim is to produce responsive assessments to a high standard at reasonable cost. His medicolegal work has included catastrosphic injury, personal injury, clinical negligence, employment law, contractual law/equality act, occupational health matters and criminal defence work. He has a wealth of experience working in neuropsychology assessment, community rehab, dementia, forensic psychology, learning disability and autism. For the first time he is able to now provide treatment within the South West if England. Treatments including CBT, EMDR and cognitive rehabilitation. His services also extend to the instruction of trusted registered allied health professionals that he can endorse, operating across the UK. Those including professionals such as neurophysiotherapists, occupational therapists, rehab workers, neurologists and neuropsychiatrists.

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